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Gone are the days of six-week lead times found in print media. Breaking news is posted on the website DAILY and e-News arrives in subscriber's e-mail twice-weekly. With a focus on lead-driven news, the opportunities to make new business contacts are countless and daily. reports the latest news and developments shaping the mining industry locally, nationally and around the world. Content is categorized into four segments - minerals processing, underground mining, surface mining and oil, gas and shale. This design allows readers to easily locate information of most interest to them.

The home page is an educational stop for the general public and updated every quarter. The hub of activity takes place in the industry segments and is updated daily.

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In addition to visiting the website, many industry leaders receive breaking news directly in their e-mail twice-weekly via Mining Connection e-News. This added value ensures readers never miss a breaking news headline. The access and delivery of mining news and feature stories anytime, anywhere is an advantage for an industry on the go.

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The feature-rich experience of reading and e-News includes hyperlinks embedded in articles, giving readers the option of digging deeper into information of interest to them or their business. Video interviews and product demonstrations make the news and the people behind it come alive on the page.

Touted as the "USA Today" of mining news, is where industry leaders go to stay in-the-know.

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